Them Glow Kits

Highlighting and Contouring has been a major beauty trend over the past couple of years. It has always been around and has always been in the industry, but we have celebrity makeup artist and major beauty gurus that helped blow up this trend. When we think of highlight and contour we all automatically think Anastasia Beverly Hills! They have come out with major super affordable pallets of great makeup quality. I have to give it to them before they ventured into other categories of the beauty industry they were only known as the “Goddest of Brows”. I have not been able to get my hands on the latest pallet, but do have few to work with.





I love this pallet because it gives you that sun kiss summer glow all year long. I feel this one is more suited for someone who has been highlighting for a while. This pallet sparkles a lot . It maybe a little bit to chalky and glittery for a bigger , but over all I LOVE it. You can apply this on your body for a glow.


That Glow

I personally love this pallet and would aim for a bigger to start using because the colors are so soft . I love how they just sit well on the skin without them being to much or to little.Remember it’s all up to you how much you pick up.


Sun Dipped

Ok so Sun Dipped is one of my favorites because it has more of a bronze contour effect. Great for a biggenir and offers a variety of different shades to create different looks. Remember like I mention above it all depends on how much you decide to pick up.


Brush A23

Finally the brush to get for all this wonderful highlight is Anastasia Beverly Hills A23 brush. This brush picks up the right amount and is small enough to reach creases and areas where you only want to apply the high light without feeling like you dipped your whole face .


My Splurge and Spend Setting Spray

So if you have not been introduce to the world of setting sprays let me tell you …… You have been missing out. I love setting sprays because it sets your makeup by giving it a finish look and by helping it last longer. When it comes to setting sprays there are affordable options,  but splurging will not hurt. There are a variety of sprays in the market and it is hard to pick one because there are so many options.

What is a setting spray and why is it important? A setting spray is a light weight mist to prevent makeup to meltdown because it controls oil, reduces shine on the surface of the skin and helps keep your makeup by looking matte and flawless. Have you ever notice that when you do your makeup a couple of minutes later the makeup is eaten up on oily areas of the skin? Many setting sprays have high tech ingredients that prevent and control eyeshadow, foundation ,blush from running, fading, and smudging. Using a good setting spray will prevent you from touching up.

Here are my top setting sprays…..


Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist $90

I personally love this setting spray because it refreshes my face, but $90 is a big splurge so spraying just a bit goes a long way. This spray is light weight that hydrates, freshens, cools, and comforts skin. It strengthens and sustains skin to its optimal state. This can be used under makeup or over makeup to freshen up your look.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long lasting Setting Spray $31
Urban Decay has a lot of setting sprays to pick from , but my favorite is the original All Nighter setting spray. This setting spray has never failed me because it helps your makeup last up to 16 hrs without it melting away.
Smash Box Photo Finish Primer Water $32
This setting spray is a two in one primer and setting spray. You can spray it prior to applying makeup and after to set your makeup. Personally if you would like to try it I recommend using the smaller 1.16 oz for $16. This spray helps to hydrate skin and helps it look soft and flawless.
Maybelline FaceStudio Master Fix Wear Boosting Setting Spray $12.99
This is a light weight setting spray that helps makeup last long. What is great about it is that after spraying it does not leave the face looking sticky because it dries quickly.
L’OREAL Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray $16.99
If you want your makeup to last from day to night this setting spray is it. It prevents your makeup from cracking, running, fading, and smudging. It’s long pro wear helps makeup stay put without being over drying.
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My Go to Mask

One thing I do enjoy to do every week is to indulge by giving myself a home facial. I enjoy using these two masks and alternate throughout the week. The key to having successful results with a facial mask is to be consistent. Forget the excuse of not having time or being to busy for a face mask. Take 10 minutes out of your normal schedule to relax and give your skin some self pampering. The two following masks are the ones I enjoy using twice a week. The way I make time is that I use them right before bedtime while I’m winding down by fixing my bed or watching a late night tv show. Other times I take them to the gym and use them while I am relaxing in the sauna. My loves just 10 minutes to self-love and pamper your skin! I guarantee you that your skin will thank you by being radiant and glow.

If you guys have not notice already…. I really enjoy Kiehl’s products! They have been around for centuries and have proven to give results through out the years based on their rich history. These two masks have not been around for that long ,but I have been testing them out for the past four months. The Tumeric and Cramberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask helps energize your sking be reducig dulness, fatigue looking skin, and restores the skins natural rosie apperance. Have you ever notice that when you are drained out your skin shows it to?I work in a high stress work environment and boy does my skin show it even when I’ve had 8 hours of sleep.This mask is recommended to be used in the morning, so your skin can have a  natural energizing glow. I tend to do it right after I come home from work when I am planning to go out to dinner with my husband. Or simply when ever I feel my skin needs to recharge.What I enjoy about this mask is that it lightly exfoliates my skin due to the cranberry seeds in the mask. After I wash my face I apply a small amount and let it sit on my skin for 10 minutes. After it hardens I like to rinse my skin and massage the seeds on my face.  If you want to turn it up a notch apply on your shoulders or cleavage if your planning to wear a strapless dress.

Cranberries are known to have a lot of antixodents and tumeric is known to be an anti inflamatorry agent.If you look through world history many cultures who had access to tumaric used it for so many things! The origin of turmeric comes from Southern India and Indonesia, where it has been harvested for more than 5,000 years.I has served as an important role for many culture. One thing that caught my attention through my research is that it has been used for an anti-aging skin relief.(

The other mask I alternate with is the Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Mask . This mask helps replenish the skin to pollutants that we are exposed to. Think about this mask as a shield for your skin from enviromental aggressors. This mask helps strengthen the skin and prevent impurities. If you have dull unhealthy sking this mask will replenish and renew your skin by providing radiance and shielding from daily enviromental aggressors. Using both mask weekly may seem like a lot ,but it’s the complete opporsite. I use this mask while I sleep and pick two days out of the week to use it. For example Mondays and Wendsdays. I leave this mask on my skin for five minutes before I go to sleep. I gently blot any excess with a tissue after five minutes and then go to bed. I let it work it’s magic while I sleep. In the morning I wash my skin and make sure to apply SPF.

Well beauties untill next time….


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A Floral Affair

One of my current obsessions has been visiting The Langham Hotel in Pasadena,Ca. There is something about this beautiful place that  is breathtaking . When you walk through the halls and gardens you feel as if you have enter a time capsule. It is common to imagine how past generations enjoyed this little gem. In one of my several visits I had the opportunity to attend their High Tea with bottomless champagne with my best friend, weekends before my wedding. It was the perfect time to catch up, share some laughs, and share stories.


Beautiful Flowers in the entrance



Hall ways


sneak peak to a wedding



Tea Sandwiches and scones



Chocolate dessert bar



Desserts to Die For


Tea Essence



Rose Tean



Mimosas the butter was amazing