Music Festivity Beauty Basics

Music Festivals are approaching and you might be excited selecting unique trendy indie outfits to wear. One important factor to not forget is your beauty essentials. The key to surviving these out door festivities is wear less because its always better. With the heat , crowds, and dessert dust surrounding you makeup has to last longer than usual. I like to opt for water proof makeup products and dessert sun colors. I would suggest avoiding the heavy foundations and dramatic smokey eyes. Here are five key products that I would recommend for you to pack in your bags.


I recommend to pack a highlighting glow kit to get that sun-kissed summer glow. My personal favorite its Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kits.


As for foundation I would option Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage foundation with SPF 15. This foundation is proven to last up to 12 hours which is great while you are having fun under the sun and throughout the night.


Do not forget mascara to make eyes pop! I personally like DiorShow Blackout Waterproof mascara because it makes eyelashes appear longer and fuller due to its amazing brush, but it also is water proof to avoid raccoon eyes. Remember you don’t necessarily have to be exposed to water splash to get raccoon eyes. Dessert heat and sweat can  cause that to!


When it comes to eye-shadow I prefer packing light because who wants to haul a luggage full of eye shadow pallets that can break easily!You can not go wrong with Smashbox Full Exposure travel pallet. It has essential colors for day and night under the dessert sun and moon. Its convenient because it is small and packs well in your makeup bag.


Now if you must have a dramatic eye at night to ump your makeup look I recommend packing a waterproof eye linear. Remember everyone’s body chemistry is different and a waterproof eyeliner may work for one person might not work well for another. I suggest using what you know works best for you! My personal favorite is Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon that last up to 12 hrs.


Now as for lips wear any color you want and have fun! Just remember to wear and spf balm under to avoid dried sun burn lips.



An Ocean of Wonders…..



I used my Lipstick and added eyeshadow to impact the color

DSC02716DSC02715DSC02712DSC02711DSC02700DSC02710DSC02705DSC02698DSC02699For this post I was inspired by everything mermaid and tropical. One of my favorite things to do is going to Disneyland or anything Disney related. I have always been fascinated by mermaids. I happen to have my Urban Decay Electric Palette and rather than creating a more everyday wear look I decided to get creative. I mean who couldn’t look at these amazing vibrant colors….

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 1.27.17 AM

Skin Food

So if you have  been keeping up with me on instagram @365beautification , you probably already know that I got married! This is the reason why I’ve been MIA from blogging , but I promise you I will at least try to post  every week or bi weekly 🙂


So for this post I want to present you with two of my current items that I have been using for a couple of months! I’ve seen a dramatic change in my skin ! From the way that it feels and looks. These two items are by Kiehl’s knows as Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Daily Reviving Concentrate. Now I know that for many of us gals and gents concentrates and serums can be a little intimidating. We can also feel that we are too young to use such products. My secret to healthy looking skin is to prevent early! You are never to young to start using products. Did you know that our skin starts showing signs of aging and change at the age of 24? Also, depending on genetics,environment, and sun exposure our skin can be affected. Now Im not saying go out there and buy every single product ! What I am saying start with baby steps. For examples moisture, protect with spf, and do not forget to use eye cream. Now that I got that out of the way ! Let me explain to you the magic of these elixers:)

These elixers are use in conjunction with a regular skin regime. If you use any other serum make sure that the elixer is applied last. For example right before your moisturizer, as I like to explain.Keep in mind that you only need two small drops for your skin and that it is not an oil. Many people confuse these for being oils that will clog your pores , but this is not the case 🙂  Simply drop two drops on your palm , rub together to warm up, and pat on skin .Also, do not use them together because one is meant to be used for night and day time. Now lets move on to the benefits of these little magic bottles.

If you had the option to only use one I would tell you go with Midnight Recovery first, but as I advice both work wonders 🙂

Midnigh Recovery Concentrate by Kiehls is an essence elixer made from botanical oils. One of their main ingredients is lavender.This product helps recharge your skin from any environmental toxins that our skin is exposed to throughout the day. It also helps replenish any vitamins lost and cell turnover which is something we stop producing more of as we age. It is proven that when you use this elixer your skin tends to look more radiant.

The difference with Daily Concentrate is that it helps fight and shield your skin from environmental toxins throughout the day. It is also known throughout the day our skin tends to look more tired and dull. Well I have a secrete for you this little elixer keeps your skin from looking dull and radiant.This concentrate is derived from natural oils like ginger root, sunflower oil, and tamanu. These essentials help skin look energized and fresh from morning to-night time.